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on Mar 7, 2015 by Matterz

The Squidling Brothers, Swing Shift Sideshow and Pain Solution team up once again bringing this amazing show to small and big towns throughout the eastern half of The United States!! 

on Jan 8, 2015 by Matterz
on Sep 25, 2014 by Matterz

Meet the Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow! A Collective of freaks weirdos and Circus performers based out of Philadelphia PA.

Jelly Boy the Clown, Matterz Squidling, Titano Oddfellow, Madeleine Belle, Rush Hicks and Velvet Crayon.

Touring coast to coast to coast October, November 2014.

on Sep 4, 2014 by Matterz

Carnivolution returns to the Carbon Collective!...

on Jun 10, 2014 by Matterz